11 Mar

Determining If the Cloud Is Right for Your Business

According to the fifth annual State of Cloud survey by RightScale, 95 percent of respondents are using the cloud. Moving to the cloud streamlines your business and keeps your network more secure, regardless of whether you’re using a public, hybrid or community cloud. Cloud storage and services reduce your operating costs, build credibility in your business and add additional revenue streams.


Reduce Your Costs

Adapting to the cloud reduces infrastructure maintenance and enables your IT team to focus on new business and innovation. Moving to the cloud also saves you from needing to purchase storage and software installations. Instead, you can use the cloud for everything from lead generation to call center solutions.

As a bonus, the cloud can reduce the cost of your customer’s bottom line. Technology and service companies can resell cloud and related services to find innovative solutions for their needs, such as decreasing their annual telephone service costs.


Assess Your Current Network

Cloud NetworkWhen is the last time you did an infrastructure review or audit of your network to determine how secure it is? You could be jeopardizing your bottom line as well as your client’s security by using outdated systems and protocols. Meanwhile, reputable cloud service providers constantly upgrade to the newest and most secure systems and protocols. They have entire teams dedicated to security forecasting and ensuring your data is safe,backed up and encrypted.


Diversify Your Revenue

Offering your clients cloud-based services as a certified reseller adds revenue to your bottom line and boosts your credibility. Storage and simple software aren’t the only ways to increase your portfolio of services. Many companies have consulted and trained with technology distributors to add products to their services. This can lead to thousands of dollars in sales for your company.

Is the cloud right for your business? Consult with your IT department and a reputable cloud provider to find the best solutions for your business.


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