11 Mar

The Race to the Cloud & Why You Want to Finish Ahead of the Competition

The Race to the CloudThe cloud has proven itself to be more than a fad: it’s what powers your Facebook status updates, what makes checking your bank balance on your phone possible and what should be driving your business.

Using the cloud puts you ahead of your competitors. It enables you to free up your resources, so they can be used to make your product or service better, and it lets you beat your competitors that are not using the cloud. Using enterprise cloud software means your company runs faster, more reliably and more securely. Here are some ways moving your computing to the cloud helps your business win:


Do you remember what file collaboration was like before Google Docs and Dropbox? How about what conference calls meant when all you had were telephones? Cloud solutions enable employees to work together in real time with no delays in productivity. Enterprise cloud computing keeps your workflow and file sharing up to date and gives your employees full visibility and access to their collaboration files.


Lost laptops and phones aren’t cheap, but what’s worse is when sensitive data is lost with them. Cloud computing solves this problem by giving you more control over your business’ data, even when it’s not physically in your hands. You can track down your equipment and remotely wipe data if necessary. You also can encrypt your data to make sure no one can get into it that’s not supposed to.


It’s much easier to scale your business with cloud software than with hardware and servers. With remote servers and machines, your agility and flexibility to grow gives you an advantage over your competitors. You also can have automatic software updates, cloud-based backup and the ability to offer your employees the option to work remotely without giving up productivity.

So what are you waiting for? Win the race to cloud, and make it rain.

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