10 Mar

Why the Cloud Is More Secure

Cloud SecurityThe cloud has been around for years, but there’s still a persistent myth that cloud-based computing is less secure than localized servers. In fact, the cloud is more secure. The following are just three of the many reasons why the cloud is more secure than local computers.


1. Cloud Service Providers Have a Lower Chance of Attack

Cloud-based servers are not the most common target
in cyber attacks, according to a 2012 cloud security report by Alert Logic. The report shows that the percentage of attacks were split evenly between local and cloud-based computer systems. When hackers attack a system it has much less to do with where the data is stored and much more to do with what is being protected.

While locally based servers are commonly guarded by business-grade firewalls and antiviruses from a cyber security firm, cloud service providers are specially equipped to monitor and protect the information and data entrusted to them. Hackers are opportunistic and search for weak links, which makes specialized cloud service providers more prepared for these types of attacks than business owners.

2. Cloud Service Providers Have Vast Resources

Cloud computing is as secure as the company that provides the service. With huge businesses and cloud service providers, cloud users can rest assured that the services provided are state of the art. These companies provide security consulting and educational resources that debunk the myths about the cloud, and they have the resources to keep data safe.


3. Cloud Service Providers Have Higher Standards

Another reason the cloud is more secure than localized servers is that cloud service providers are selling security. It is their service and industry, so they are held to higher standards than localized IT infrastructure. Standards are set by the Service Organization Control, and data centers are independently audited, which ensures that cloud service providers are accountable for meeting those standards.

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