15 Apr

4 Cloud Computing Benefits for Midsize Businesses

What’s keeping your midsize business from achieving its goals? One issue that’s a problem for many small businesses is IT infrastructure and maintenance. Aside from the cost of hardware, software and licensing, the number of people needed to maintain an in-house IT department is costly. Plus, you can’t guarantee that you will be financially able to replace technology as it becomes obsolete.

If your IT people spend most of their time putting out fires, then it’s time to consider another solution: the cloud. Here are four reasons why a move to the cloud offers significant benefits for midsize businesses.


1. Increased Competitiveness

By using the cloud, your midsize business can benefit from the same services as larger enterprises at a cost that meets your budget. Your company can offer enterprise-level customer service, sales and marketing, communications and more. This enables you to compete solely on the basis of the value your products and services provide to your customers, and that battle is easier to win.


2. Reduced Costs

A study by Ventana Research claims that 40 percent of midsize businesses cite cost advantages as a major reason to migrate to the cloud. Traditional software licensing is expensive, but cloud services operate on a pay-as-you-go basis. This means that instead of paying for a service level you might not need, you pay for what you are actually using.

In addition, using the cloud means you don’t have as much software to maintain. Cloud service providers keep their offerings up to date, which means you can use your money more effectively to grow your business.


3. Scalability

Sometimes a lack of funds can impede growth, as making the jump from one level of infrastructure to another can be a huge investment. Fortunately, the cloud is more scalable because it has smaller increments. Another large benefit of having a scalable solution is that if you have a sudden spike in demand, which can happen with good press coverage or promotion by an influencer, you can quickly upgrade your services to keep up.


4. Better Security

Data loss is a costly problem for businesses of any size, but it’s particularly disastrous for small and midsize businesses. Cloud providers comply with stringent security protocols and keep everything backed up on redundant servers, so you don’t have to worry about losing your data from a natural disaster, computer crash or hacking. This is not easy to achieve in-house, so it’s an important benefit.

The bottom line is that a move to the cloud keeps your midsize business financially stable, agile and competitive. You also may be able to delight your customers by providing cloud-based services to enhance your offering to them.




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