29 Apr

Industry Leaders Are Migrating to the Cloud

Many businesses are transitioning from on-premise servers to cloud computing. Two notable examples that are leading this change are General Electric and Netflix. Cloud solutions have saved these businesses time, money, space and staffing, and their initiative will influence the development of new cloud-based solutions and increase the rate at which old-fashioned computing systems disappear.

Already, other businesses have begun following suit, taking on such solutions as Box and Apache Curator to enable them to interact faster with their staff and clients. Even small businesses are finding ways to shift to the cloud, either through creating their own programs or sharing existing services. That being said, here’s a deeper look at these two industry leaders that are migrating to the cloud.

General Electric

As an industry leader, other companies turn to GE for benchmarking, best practices and ways to get an edge on the competition. GE’s focus on cloud computing has enabled the company to remain in the top 10 in the Forbes’ Fortune 500 list, and it is one of the areas that GE has worked in for more than a decade.

GE’s digital thread is entwined through millions of companies worldwide via its proprietary cloud-based platform Predix. The service provides access to industrial data, which gives developers the information they need to create anything from apps to jet engines, and then enables them to distribute or manufacture that creation from their mobile device, no matter where they are in the world. The data flows into the cloud for global analysis, giving operators unprecedented information for production decisions.

In 2014, GE realized that it needed a hybrid cloud interaction to enable its staff to better collaborate on projects. To do this, the company implemented an outside service called Box, which increased the efficiency and efficacy of its staff’s interactions. With a different focus to Predix, Box enabled developers to connect and collaborate on projects with each other via their smartphones and tablets. While Predix deals with the statistical side of the business, Box deals with the social side. These two cloud computing systems working in tandem enable GE to continue its dominance in the electronics space.

cloud computing


Netflix is one of the most important cloud computing companies in the world. It runs the Netflix Open Source Software Center, which is a way for international developers to work together in the cloud to create new tools. This enabled the creation of Curator, a service that simplified the API for an interface known as Apache Zookeeper, in 2011. Curator added automatic connection management retries and a framework that made it easy to write new Zookeeper recipes. Curator was later released to developers on Github where it became the main interface for Zookeeper, now known as Apache Incubator. By enabling these developers to work together, solutions can be found quickly.

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