12 Apr

Does Your Business Need Cloud Services?

Knowing that your company should be using cloud services is good, but understanding how cloud computing benefits your company is powerful. Some of the benefits are more obvious than others, so here are just three reasons why you should invest in the cloud.

1. Improved Flexibility and Scalability

As your small business grows, you not only have to lead the company but also predict how much growth will occur and what sort of infrastructure you need to support you. Especially if you have on-site IT infrastructure, you need to prepare for the possibility of increased data storage and collaboration. This is no simple feat.

Using cloud solutions enables you to react quickly without having to know exactly how much space and power you need. The flexible nature of cloud services lets you estimate how much you need at any given time and then scale up or down if those needs change.


2. Cost Savings

Imagine eliminating the server room within your office. Then, imagine eliminating server maintenance, software licenses, upgrades, power and cooling, and overhead costs for employees who are dedicated to maintaining the server. Now, dream about what you might do with the money you would save from not needing to pay for all of these other services. Cloud services can help you realize these savings because they are all included with third-party solutions.


3. Enhanced Collaborative Efforts

Another important benefit to cloud computing is the ability for employees to work remotely. A study by the National Work/Life Measurement Project shows that 87 percent of employees say that flexible and remote work options increase their productivity and quality. As organizations work to make themselves more mobile and responsive to workers in remote locations, cloud solutions are needed to facilitate a working environment that allows on-premise and remote employees to seamlessly collaborate.

Organizations that used cloud-based services, such as Cisco WebEx, Google Drive and Dropbox, can easily collaborate on projects in ways that are just as effective as being in person.



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