15 Apr

The Government’s Move to the Cloud

The purpose of government is simple: to serve the people. To do this, there should be open lines of communication between federal, state and local governments and the citizens they serve. Cloud technology is enabling government organizations to better generate feedback from their constituents and to provide more transparency into their processes and operations. It also keeps citizen data more secure, allows for easy scaling of resources and simplifies systems so they can be accessed from anywhere. Here are two examples of government organizations successfully using cloud technology:


Agriculture in India

Big data analytics is one of cloud computing’s greatest applications because it is cost-effective and can be shared. A great example of this application is in India. A. K. Mishra, the senior scientist at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, is leading the Indian government’s efforts to move the country toward sustainable living and development. Cloud computing helps the government store and analyze genomic data and move forward with respect to agriculture for both plants and animals. The cloud also connects the hundreds of agricultural institutions across the country, which helps them develop user-friendly crop computational algorithms and tools.


Civic Engagement in Virginia

In Blacksburg, Virginia, the city government was searching for a better way to improve civic engagement. They had a limited reach and decentralized feedback, as many citizens wanted to be involved but were limited to social media sites and town hall meetings. By using a cloud-based survey tool, the government was able to collect responses from the public to shape new solutions for issues, such as downtown parking and educating citizens. The surveys and forums empowered the government to have more focused discussions and more engagement from its citizens.

Big data analytics in India and engagement in Virginia are just two examples of how the cloud can be used within governments. By giving them a tool that can be used worldwide, governments have more opportunities to try new solutions and serve the people in different ways.




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