14 Apr

The Key to Rapid, Tech-Driven Growth

Successful entrepreneurs and business owners are the ones who take seemingly impossible and far-fetched ideas and make them a reality. The technology behind cutting-edge companies like Uber and Nest wasn’t available just a few years ago, but recent advances in cloud-based infrastructures have enabled these businesses to be digital disruptors in their industries.

In many cases, the cloud is most useful for scaling companies when their operations increase in size and the cost of on-premise computing no longer makes sense; however, the cloud can be so much more. Here are three examples of companies that are thriving thanks to cloud computing:



Nestio is a residential leasing and marketing platform that uses an all-in-one, cloud-based software to help landlords and brokers manage their portfolio, generate leads and review analytics. By utilizing the cloud to power nearly all of its operations,

Nestio gives its customers data in real-time on multiple devices and on multiple accounts. Landlords using Nestio can plug their websites into the platform’s API to syndicate inventory and run email campaigns.



Symphony provides secure messaging for teams and organizations of all sizes. Its cloud-based platform guarantees the security of its service because it encrypts all transits and uses Touch ID and PIN codes for extra protection. The cloud service can be accessed from any Internet-enabled device, so whether messages are sent from a work desktop or a personal smartphone, they are secure. By making the cloud central to its business model, Symphony has managed to position themselves uniquely in the messaging space.



Fiverr is a freelancer marketplace with a unique value proposition: the majority of the services offered on the website are as cheap as $5. By using the cloud to back all of its operations, Fiverr can host as many freelancers and job postings as it needs to without having to house on-premise computing or increase its costs.




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