25 May

3 Cloud-Based Solutions to Make Business Travel More Productive

Companies are spending more than ever on business travel. According to the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), organizations will sink almost $300 billion into local and international travel this year.

Some of this growth stems from improved national economic footing, and some of the increased costs are due to the rising price of lodging, food and rental cars. Regardless of the causes, though, the bottom line is that companies can’t afford to have reduced productivity while employees are on the road. That being said, organizations should consider these three cloud-based solutions to help empower better business trips.



Managing the costs of business travel is time-consuming. Many companies employ full-time staff to collect, review and approve expense reports to ensure employees are fully reimbursed and no unapproved overages occur. But there’s a better way.

Cloud-based service Concur lets business travelers easily capture and report their expenses. They simply take a picture of their receipt and upload it to the Concur platform where it is automatically added to the relevant expense report. International trips are also supported with currency conversion and VAT calculations. Once reports are approved for payment, companies can choose to have the funds automatically withdrawn from a designated source and direct deposited into employee bank accounts.



Businesses can’t afford to have productivity suffer when their employees are out of the office. Enter Dropbox Business. This cloud-based, file-sharing platform syncs files and documents across all employee devices, enabling teams to collaborate anywhere, anytime. With support for Windows, Android, iOS, Mac and Linux, distance becomes a non-issue.



Sometimes, co-workers and employers need to talk it out with staff that is on the road. Whether it’s a one-on-one between a boss and employee or a critical conference call with a client, RingCentral‘s cloud solution offers support for office locations and mobile phones with caller ID, business SMS, cloud fax and conferencing. One of the main perks is that RingCentral is one system that connects all of a company’s locations and devices. This means they don’t have to invest in bulky equipment or wait for business travelers to find a landline, desktop or fax machine to share information, collaborate and communicate.

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