10 May

Bars and Restaurants Move to the Cloud

The average waiter takes 22,778 steps per day, with managers walking even more, according to research by Jenny Craig. Hospitality workers need cloud-based systems and tools that help them work while on the go during their nearly 23,000 steps, whether they are in front of customers or working on financials in the back office. Adopting the cloud also increases profit margins, productivity and more. Here’s how to get your bar or restaurant started with the cloud.


POS Systems

Eliminate time spent running back and forth between customers on the floor and your checkout counter with a cloud-based POS system. Having a POS system always on you reduces wasted time, streamlines orders and quickly processes payments. A traditional POS system works with a computerized network that is operated from a main computer. That computer is then linked to checkout terminals at your bar or restaurant. Alternatively, cloud-based systems are hosted off-site by third-party services. This means you can eliminate the need to maintain your own servers, troubleshoot problems with your system and scale quickly as your business grows.

For example, Aldelo Touch integrates with a cloud-based POS iPad that you can carry with you or set up on your tables and booths. You can take down customer’s orders, accept payments and give your kitchen the information quickly and efficiently just by using the tablet. Then, you can access your financial and inventory reports in one place to see what’s a hot seller and what your staff should push as the new daily special.

Multiple Locations

If you own several bars and restaurants, it can feel like a curse when you find out you can’t fit in all of your responsibilities in one day. Fortunately, cloud-based solutions help you schedule employees, run payroll, see financials and check inventory for multiple locations while sitting in one place. This enables you to be consistent and know which restaurants require the most in-person attention.

A good example is IBM’s SmartCloud. Newly Weds Foods, for instance, uses this cloud-based solution to collaborate and share information, such as recipes, menus and ingredients, across the world. The company cut its travel and meeting costs by 10 percent by brainstorming, sharing information and using the social network-like environment in the cloud. This solution connected Newly Weds Foods’ offices, management and chefs around the world to serve its thousands of clients.


Pro AV Equipment

If your restaurant, bar or venue hosts big events and parties, you can eliminate unnecessary overhead and multiple networks with a cloud-based Pro AV system. Instead of streaming audio and video from a main computer, cloud-based Pro AV works from a remote server. Your bar or restaurant can access multiple music tracks and collections, videos, slideshows and presentations from one device, like an iPad, by connecting to the cloud provider. Cloud-based Pro AV systems have similar benefits to cloud-based POS systems in that you can rely on third-party providers to maintain, update and secure the software.

Your venue can set the mood with music, turn a private party room into a presentation area with screens connected to the cloud system. Then, you can set up projectors, plasma TVs, digital signage and video conferencing to pass on the benefits to clients who are looking for a venue for their event. With more high-tech capabilities and opportunities, you also can charge a premium for the upgraded service.

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