09 May

Cloud Services Do More Than Cut Costs

According to RightScale’s 2015 State of the Cloud Report, 93 percent of survey respondents reported using at least one cloud-based solution. Among those surveyed, 88 percent use public cloud services and 63 percent use private cloud solutions. Although many business owners mistakenly believe the cloud revolution is only a way to cut costs, they’re overlooking other significant and customizable benefits the cloud can offer them.

If you thought the cloud only offered you cost savings, here are a few more ways cloud computing can improve the way you approach business:

Gain a Competitive Edge

Cloud computing isn’t the wave of the future — it’s already here. Stay ahead of the curve by adding an innovative menu of cloud services and solutions to your business to increase productivity and profits. Everything from file storage with
Dropbox to a web business builder with Yola can be done through the cloud. Protecting your clients’ confidential data with encryption and collaborating on projects in real-time with services like Office 365 enables you to provide your clients’ with a second layer of services. You also can become a reseller of cloud services to help your existing customers improve their bottom line.

Transform Your Structure From the Inside Out

Delhaize America, an operator of grocery chains, transformed its business with the help of a big data project using IBM’s SoftLayer, according to Forbes. The company analyzed data to see patterns in certain categories to see if they were affected by local weather. For example, Delhaize found that its customers tended to buy more magazines and less meat during warm weather. This enabled the company to make informed decisions about inventory, pricing, staffing and promotions.

But the real takeaway is how the cloud changed Delhaize’s approach to business. Instead of taking several months to conduct a study and analyze the results with traditional practices and longstanding business methods, it took two weeks for the company to deploy the big data project and see results.

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