19 May

Mental Health Professionals Are Using the Cloud

Mental disorders are among the most common source of disability in the United States, and if left untreated they can lead to unhealthy and unsafe behaviors. According to HealthyPeople.gov, about one in four adults has a mental health disorder and one in 17 has a serious mental illness. Children and adolescents also are affected by mental disorders; in 2010, one in five children had a mental health disorder.

In many cases, people afflicted with mental health disorders don’t have access to treatment. This is why cloud-based technology is so important. Cloud services are secure, fast and easy to access. The following two examples show how mental health professionals are using the cloud:


Notifications and Messaging 

West Corporation offers a cloud-based proactive notifications service that delivers important messages to patients. It has over 45,000 providers in its network, and it provides automated patient reminders for confirming appointments, paying balances, retrieving lab results and scheduling follow-up visits. By using the cloud, the company ensures that all patient messages are sent when they are scheduled and give healthcare providers a new patient management tool.


Collaborative Work and Communication

Cloud technology also enables collaborative work and communication within the mental health field. Office 365 for Health does this by giving mental health workers tools like Lync and SharePoint that enable them to share sensitive data and patient information securely.

This is especially useful when mental health facilities have multiple locations and need to transfer information from one office to another. The system also gives users access to calendars, emails and contacts on any device, so hospitals, private practices and other users can coordinate work and patient schedules and have clear lines of communication. Office 365 for Health also takes care of HIPAA compliance and privacy requirements, taking another headache away from healthcare providers.

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