09 Jun

5 Cloud Solutions for Web Management

Companies are becoming more confident in the cloud. Two-thirds of all data center traffic is already cloud-based and Cisco predicts that the number will reach 83 percent by 2019, reports Forbes. One key factor in rapid cloud adoption is the use of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to manage corporate web presence; however, the sheer volume of apps available can quickly overwhelm even savvy IT departments.

If your company is having difficulty choosing the best services, here’s a look at five supplemental cloud solutions to help streamline your web management.



The first step in effective web management is to build a website that looks professional, responds quickly and offers room to grow. That’s the idea behind the cloud service Yola, which lets companies create a free website in minutes. It enables you to publish your business content anywhere, such as mobile phones, Facebook and desktop sites. It also lets you protect and boost your brand with custom domains and has 24/7 support.

The Starter Package is great for small businesses because it provides the foundation for a responsive, mobile-ready website. The Premium Package includes more than 400,000 stock images along with integrated social and mobile features to maximize your impact.



Once your site is up and running you need a way for customers to easily search, select and purchase products. Enter Ecwid, a cloud-based e-commerce solution that seamlessly integrates a shopping cart with your existing web presence and links with your social networks. It connects with over 40 international payment options that work in 175 countries that speak 50 different languages. With support for multiple devices at all levels, such as PayPal support at the venture tier and “white glove onboarding” with its business solution, Ecwid makes sure your products are always front and center.




Next up is website security. SiteLock leverages cloud resources to find, fix and prevent malware infections. The solution also offers Web Application Firewall (WAF) deployments that let your site scan for threats in real time. Moreover, SiteLock improves website speed with the integration of a Content Delivery Network (CDN), which uses globally deployed proxy servers across multiple data centers so your content is quickly streamed to users no matter their geographic location.



Your business runs the risk of losing important data, information and customer service if you’re not backing up your site. What happens if there is a surge during a storm, a power outage or a problem when you’re switching web providers? DropMySite has the answer. It’s an easy-to-use interface that lets you set up automatic data backups by entering FTP, SFTP or RSYNC details; DropMySite does the rest.

With 30 backup versions available, it’s possible to recreate files and databases with a single click. This cloud solution also provides website uptime monitoring across three continents and notifies you in the event of power failure or network outage.



As sales volumes and product lines grow, available website storage can quickly disappear. Cloud storage solution pCloud offers 20GB of storage for free and scales up to 5TB for business clients. No matter the file type or size, pCloud can handle your storage needs.

It is a great way to organize your business because it enables you to categorize your employees into teams with specific permissions. It also lets you set up folders, add comments and monitor activity within the platform. In addition, all data is transferred using secure TLS/SSL protocols and then copied across at least three highly secure data centers to ensure your files are always available on demand.

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