09 Jun

Artella Aims to Bring Global Artists Together Through the Cloud

Animation creation just got easier with the release of Artella, a new cloud-based animation production platform that serves as a virtual studio to empower remote collaboration between creative artists around the world. Artella streamlines the animation production pipeline by letting animators tap into a suite of creative tools from anywhere through the cloud. It uses templates to support workflow for concept artists, animators, sound designers and software developers who are working on film, video game and virtual reality content production. Artella’s suite integrates with popular creative software such as Photoshop, Premiere, Maya and Nuke.


What Does Artella Do?

Artella provides an online community where creators can build profile pages, post projects, solicit feedback and team up with other collaborators. To facilitate collaboration, Artella includes built-in tools for communication, file sharing and review. It also works in conjunction with external cloud-based tools, such as the Cisco WebEx Cloud-Meeting Center, which lets creative teams produce multimedia animated presentations and use annotation tools to make virtual whiteboard notes.


Who Does Artella Benefit?

Artella was designed by the creators of the Animation Mentor online school to support collaboration between the school’s graduates. Co-founder Bobby Beck says that the Artella platform will benefit creative people who have the tools to make animation content but lack the professional network to bring projects to the final stage of production.

Drawing from their experience at studios such as Pixar and Industrial Light & Magic, the Animation Mentor team created Artella to enable creative people anywhere in the world to work together. This will especially benefit international film crews whose production teams are distributed through different countries around the world. By providing a cloud-based platform where members can come together, Artella removes barriers and empowers artists to tap into the same animation tools and talent network available to professional film studios.

Beck envisions Artella ultimately empowering creators to build their own animation studios using the platform as a cloud-based production infrastructure, which he says some studios are already doing.

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