08 Jun

Cloud Solutions Are Modernizing the Gym and Health Club Industry

If you are a lucky owner of a health club or a gym, you know first-hand just how much of a slog it is to perform everyday tasks. Between individual membership management, class scheduling for your clients, email campaigns for your gym promotions, building custom product stores and inventory tracking, client billing and financial reporting, there is a lot to do. The traditional way of handling these tasks was with spreadsheets and manual outreach, which was cumbersome and time-consuming.

This is where cloud services beat traditional on-premise solutions hands down. A cloud-based gym management software solution can streamline your gym functions and significantly boost your productivity and sales. Office 365 and Zen Planner are two great examples of cloud solutions that are helping gyms and health clubs.


Office 365

When it comes to managing your daily office operations, a cloud solution like Microsoft Office 365 offers a higher degree of convenience than a traditional Office desktop suite. Office 365 combines docs, spreadsheets and presentations with collaboration services, such as DocuSign, Skype for Business, Office Online and Microsoft SharePoint Online.

Romulo Melo Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu used Office 365 to transition into a paperless business, streamline processes and save money. Co-owner Amanda Melo claims, “There is a mountain of paperwork involved in running a gym.” Instead of spending time copying, filing and traveling with a stack of papers, she uses the cloud to send liability waivers, gym rules, photo waivers, policy forms and class schedules to its clients who then use DocuSign to sign and return all the paperwork. Romulo Melo BJJ also keeps its business forms, such as insurance policies, tax documents and lease agreements in the cloud. Just by eliminating paper, the gym saved 10 hours per week and saved $100 per month in paper-related costs.


Zen Planner

Another option is to use a gym-specific cloud solution, such as Zen Planner. This system provides automatic billing for your members, a reservation system that lets clients register for classes and events, scheduling for your trainers and staff and workout tracking to help you monitor your clients’ progress.

Cheer360 needed to transition its business away from spreadsheets as it started to grow. Its owners, Kristin and Artie Perri, didn’t want to change their business model to fit the cloud solution and found that they could customize Zen Planner to their model. Perri explains that they moved from “aimlessly shuffling papers to checking students in and taking credit cards.” This saved them 20 to 25 hours per week and helped them analyze what classes were full or not to see where they were earning or losing money.

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