25 Jul

4 Cloud Solutions for Remote Collaboration

Small businesses need to be smarter and more agile than ever to survive. They have to think beyond the traditional and embrace the new ways of operating that are more cost-effective and productive, such as employing a remote or virtual workforce. According to GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics.com, a typical business could save $11,000 per year for each worker allowed to work at least half of the time from home. However, before businesses implement a remote work program, they need to ensure they have the right technologies and procedures in place to remain productive and efficient.

There are countless online tools that empower teams to collaborate and communicate regardless of where they are. Powered by cloud technology, these tools create a seamless work experience for teams of all sizes. Here are four of these essential tools that create a well-rounded suite for remote small business teams.


Communication: Slack

Slack is a cloud-based messaging app that touts itself as “team communication for the 21st Century.” A more efficient alternative to email, Slack enables businesses to create public or private channels for collaborative conversations with team members. They also can use the direct messaging feature for one-on-one interactions. The ability to create customized channels keeps all communication history in one location for easy access and search.


Project Management: Asana

Asana is a cloud-based project management tool that keeps remote teams productive, on point and on time. With this tool, business owners can set up multiple teams and projects and easily assign and monitor all tasks involved in bringing a project from start to finish. With features that allow for easy communication, delegation and tracking, Asana is a complex tool that is as simple to use as creating a list.


File Storage and Sharing: Nomadesk

All businesses have documents and need a way to file and store them. Instead of using large file cabinets that take up physical space, companies can invest in electronic tools like Nomadesk that keep their files clean and tidy up in the cloud. The beauty of Nomadesk is that employees can find, save and access files instantly from anywhere.

Nomadesk’s Vault feature acts like a hard drive on workers’ computers, enabling them to drag and drop files into folders that are instantly shared with all users. For businesses owners who are worried about security on their mobile devices, Nomadesk’s Theftguard technology protects information stored on mobile devices and wipes all data from the device in case it becomes lost or stolen.


Online Meetings and Conferences: Join.me

For businesses with team members working remotely, meetings can be a challenge. Join.me solves this problem with its cloud-based platform that can be used for both audio and video conferencing for teams of 2 to 250. Team members can join via their desktop computer or mobile device. Join.me features tools like screen sharing and whiteboarding that make meetings as productive as if everyone were in the same room.

By using these four cloud-based tools, small businesses can easily manage a remote team of workers without losing productivity or struggling with communication. In fact, productivity may increase since remote workers tend to work longer hours, have less job stress and are generally happier than workers who do not telecommute, according to Society for Human Resource Management. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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