19 Jul

The Connected Room Experience: Elevating Hotel Stays With Microsoft Azure

The advent of Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud-based technologies is ushering in a new wave of convenience and comfort. The idea of being able to control the temperature in each room of a house or set the lighting to the color or brightness desired is already a reality. But the places where this ability to customize is most important are where people usually don’t have control. A hotel room is a great example — that is, unless you’re at The Cromwell, one of the newest hotels from the Caesar’s Entertainment Group in Las Vegas.

The Cromwell recently launched its Connected Room experience, which gives guests digital control over their hotel stay, in two of its suites. With a Windows 10 tablet at their fingertips, guests can control the lighting, thermostat and TV. They also can order room service, make reservations, request housekeeping and browse local nightlife without leaving their room. This digital control wouldn’t be possible without the mobility and capacity of Microsoft Azure.

The connected room experience powered by technology improves the stay both for the guest and the hotel. Windows 10 and Microsoft Azure give guests tools that empower them and take off the veil of reliance that they have on housekeeping or hotel employees. The software works by putting apps at the guests’ fingertips. When a guest chooses a new setting or places an order, Azure sends the data through the cloud to the corresponding appliance or service.

With these cloud-based technologies, hotel employees can manage the room and service without compromising the guests’ experience. They can track room maintenance automatically. Any content in the room, such as menus, promotions and flyers, can be changed digitally rather than be thrown away and replaced by new and expensive paper copies. Azure stores the data in the cloud so the hotel doesn’t have to manage the infrastructure. The hotel also can utilize the Microsoft Cloud to recommend products and personalized offers to guests by using algorithms and data from the guests’ tablet. They can match the data with the hotel’s and surrounding area’s offerings and send them right to the tablet the guest is using.

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