22 Aug

D&B Credit is Using Big Data Insights to Drive Business Performance

When companies have questions about business contacts or potential risk, they turn to industry expert Dun and Bradstreet (D&B). To stay innovative and the best in the market, D&B is working with big data analysis and its potential to help businesspeople make key financial decisions. D&B has launched a new initiative, called D&B Credit, that leverages the cloud to drive increased, on-demand performance for businesses across the globe.


Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics now make it possible for many financial transactions and analyses to be carried out in real time. At a FEI Committee on Finance & IT (CFIT) meeting, Chris Iervolino, Research Director at Gartner, said that this functionality is “enabling early adopters to generate new insights from an ever-expanding explosion of transaction data.”

For D&B Credit, advanced analytics give companies the ability to quickly and easily make credit decisions across their entire portfolio. They receive customizable reports and an intuitive interface that leverages D&B’s entire catalog of more than 250 million business records and billions of transactions. The bottom line is that real-time answers mean real performance enhancement.


All-in-One Comparisons

The D&B Credit solution also gives companies the ability to compare the value of multiple companies and opportunities in a single glance. Tim Vine, D&B’s Vice President of Trade Credit Product Management, explains that its customers have previously managed their companies on a one-by-one basis, which gave them a good understanding of that specific business; however, it didn’t let them see that business in conjunction with the rest of their portfolio.

D&B’s cloud dashboard and customization tools let companies assess value and uncover risk while also allowing financial experts to clearly communicate critical data to their non-finance counterparts. Simply put, the D&B solution is a one-stop shop for all credit and risk decisions.


Supplemental Sources

Financial data isn’t enough in isolation. D&B has addressed this common shortfall by empowering companies to access non-traditional data sources, such as Google Maps and social media tools like Facebook, that help justify investment decisions or warn off companies from making critical missteps. 

For D&B, the cloud isn’t just a way to leverage big data analytics and collect more financial information. The cloud provides enterprises the means to tap real-time analysis, access all-in-one reports and leverage supplemental sources to support corporate intuition.

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