08 Aug

Ecwid and TaxJar Are Offering an Automated Tax Calculation Feature for Online Merchants

After years of struggling with complex sales tax calculations, Ecwid merchants can now heave a collective sigh of relief. Ecwid, the popular e-commerce platform that powers more than one million merchant websites around the world, has joined forces with TaxJar, the fastest growing sales tax solution, to offer merchants the world’s first fully automated online sales tax and VAT solution. The new solution is a logic based sales tax calculator that will be integrated into all premium Ecwid merchant platforms. It will help them gain access to the proven and highly accurate automated tax calculations that employ TaxJar’s SmartCalcs technology.

Until now, online merchants have had to manually work out their sales tax and VAT rates using complex rules and manual configuration of individual data tables to determine the exact amount of sales tax to collect for each customer transaction during the checkout process. To remain compliant, online merchants were required to keep up with tax laws and regulations for every location where they sold their products. This frequently involved sorting through complex spreadsheets so as to create tax filings and remit them across various states. Calculating sales tax manually required a lot of time and also increased chances of errors happening. In comparison, the new Ecwid tax feature removes the pain from tax filing for online merchants. Starting late summer, Ecwid merchants in the U.S., European Union, Canada and Australia will be able to connect their online stores, including third-party platforms such as eBay and Square, to TaxJar’s powerful automated reporting and filing technology. Merchants in other countries will soon follow. 

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