17 Aug

Ecwid ShopApp Helps Online Merchants Launch Their Own E-Commerce Apps

Ecwid’s Shop App has brought Software-as-a-Service to the retail app development market. It aims to make it easier and more affordable than ever for online merchants to develop and publish their own e-commerce apps. With 41 percent of smartphone users now making purchases from their phones, according to Deloitte, app development has become an essential part of an effective retail marketing strategy. The number of people who use their mobile device to make purchases will reach 2 billion by the end of 2017, Juniper Research projects, making it imperative for retailers to develop apps to reach this huge market.

But app development can be time-consuming and expensive for the average small business. Developing an app typically takes seven months to a year, with costs averaging $270,000 and often running over $1 million, according to Kinvey research. For many small businesses, this is cost-prohibitive.

ShopApp puts mobile app development within the reach of any small business by automating the process of app creation and publishing and setting a price even small retailers can afford. Similar to the way DIY website services let businesses automatically create websites, ShopApp enables retailers to instantly create retail apps that let customers use their smartphones for one-touch checkout. Apps created by ShopApp leverage built-in features of smartphones, such as Apple Pay, geolocation and push notifications, to integrate with beacon marketing and the checkout process. ShopApp also works with Ecwid’s e-commerce shopping platform so customers can see product images, prices, availability and other key sales details.

ShopApp has a free forever plan for the most basic service as well as a paid version for premium features such as online store management, advanced e-commerce solutions, and comprehensive online, mobile and in-store integration. With ShopApp retailers can have customers shopping on their smartphones at the touch of a button.

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