08 Aug

LawToolBox365 Equips Legal Professionals With Deadline Management Tools

Attorneys who are at the top of their game know that legal acumen is only one of the many skills they need to succeed. An important but less glamorous aspect of law is keeping on top of a schedule and hitting every deadline. 

Lawyers constantly worry about deadlines. Innocent mistakes happen, but missed deadlines can result in malpractice suits. In fact, this is the No. 1 reason lawyers are sued for malpractice, according to the American Bar Association. 

Fortunately, LawToolBox365 is a new solution to deadline scheduling. It is an all-in-one court rules and deadline manager and its software integrates with Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook. Here’s a closer look at how law firms are making scheduling easier and how this software is bringing a new level of productivity. 


Share Deadlines Wisely

Litigation involves many players — attorneys, paralegals, co-counsel and clients. Keeping everyone in the loop is important, but not everyone needs to hear about everything. Sharing scheduling information via email is inefficient and risks deadlines falling through the cracks. To prevent this problem, shared calendars and alerts help everyone involved hit their deadlines.

LawToolBox365 has a “Share Deadlines” button that enables attorneys to choose who sees the deadline information, whether it’s the whole team or a select few. The receiver doesn’t need to install special software to view deadline information, either. Deadline information is seamlessly added to Google Calendar and iCal. Another benefit is that it gives receivers control about which alerts they want to receive. For example, attorneys working on different aspects of a case can turn off alerts when their involvement is no longer needed.


Calculate Deadlines Automatically

Court rules can be complex and strict. This burdens staff who must ensure every deadline is properly added to the calendar. Moreover, manually entering deadlines based on court procedures is risky because mistakes can happen. LawToolBox365 takes the worry out of deadlines by calculating them automatically. 

The process is relatively simple and integrates with Microsoft Outlook. Lawyers simply click the “Calculate Deadlines” button and instantly receive deadlines based on state and federal rules. For example, a lawyer could select New York Supreme Court – NY County and choose a trigger date such as “State Trial Commences” and several deadlines would come into view. The number of deadlines varies from approximately five to more than 70, depending on the case.


Keep Deadlines on the Cloud

Lawyers travel between their offices, the court and their homes, so it’s important that they have a calendar that goes wherever they go. Maintaining a deadlines calendar on cloud software gives them access on any device, whether it’s a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. Deadlines can be viewed using the “View Deadlines” feature in LawToolBox365. 

Smartphones are lightweight, speedy and able to deliver critical information in seconds. As a result, a calendar system that works well on a smartphone is a must. While Outlook is a Microsoft-only product, LawToolBox365 works with all operating systems, including iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and tablets like the iPad.

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