09 Aug

Portland Software Turns to IBM SoftLayer for Cloud Hosting

When New Zealand’s Portland Software built its new employee benefits platform, named Belong, the organization knew it was a good time to polish its own supporting infrastructure. To save money and securely streamline distribution automation, Portland Software chose IBM SoftLayer to host Belong in the cloud. 

Building the Belong platform on SoftLayer was a logical step because Portland Software has had positive experiences with IBM’s cloud services in the past. In the last two years, Portland Software has successfully moved all of its systems to IBM SoftLayer and benefited from a cost effective cloud-based solution that provides granular control over security server choices. 


Greater Cost Savings

Cost savings factored heavily into Portland Software’s decision to use IBM Cloud. Portland CEO Greg Woolley told Computerworld NZ that companies understand what they are paying for ahead of time with IBM and “the cost of replicating data geographically for high availability is included.” He continues to explain that because Portland works around the world, this lower cost was important.

A cost analysis conducted by Cirba Analysis found that companies that used SoftLayer and Cirba had a net savings of 53 percent when compared to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for one year. In addition, the bare-metal dedicated servers offered by SoftLayer have a proven record of lower data transfer costs with no sacrifice in performance, flexibility or security, reports TechTarget.


Reliable Security Across the Globe

Data security poses extra challenges for organizations that are subject to strict data sovereignty laws. With plans to expand into overseas markets in the coming years, Portland Software will rely heavily on IBM servers located across the globe to ensure they’re always in compliance with local laws and regulations.

SoftLayer’s reliability and extensibility play a large role in Portland Software’s ability to deliver affordable employer-funded employee benefits to small businesses. Andrew Kupetz, CTO, Cloud Computing, IBM Australia & New Zealand, explains that IBM Cloud will help Portland scale quickly and affordably, while ensuring that it is providing the highest security settings in every new market.

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