05 Aug

PurpleClay Employs Acronis as Its Digital Backup

Data in today’s digital environment presents new issues in security, accessibility and cost-efficiency. These concerns are especially prevalent in the areas of intellectual property, which can be seen in market reports and contracts. Competitors may be able to gain an unfair advantage if they have access to confidential information, especially if they are large corporations that are competing against each other. As Group CEO of ICONZ-Webvisions (iWV) states, “Data is the lifeblood of many companies and we understand how painful it is for our customers to lose important data.”

Because of its powerful and easy-to-use platform, PurpleClay Consulting, a firm that represents companies in franchising, branding and customer programs, chose Acronis Backup Cloud services and iWV to keep its clients’s data and intellectual property secure. Read on for more information about this partnership.


How Acronis Protects PurpleClay’s Data

PurpleClay’s data is stored at one of its 12 data centers worldwide that are SSAE-16 certified. Even though SSAE-16 is a standard set forth by U.S. accounting associations to ensure strict guidelines are being followed to protect financial data, many data centers do not follow these protocols and leave financial data at risk.

Acronis Backup Cloud uses its proprietary AnyData Engine to backup and recover data from any source quickly and securely. Acronis protects its data with AES-256 encryption, which is the highest level of encryption available today. The service keeps sensitive data like sales numbers, contract documents and franchise agreements safe but accessible from permitted workstations, the cloud and mobile devices to allow access on the go.


How Acronis Enables PurpleClay to Save Money

In addition to security and flexibility, PurpleClay chose Acronis because of the significant cost savings. As a managed service, iWV performs the backup process so PurpleClay can increase the services it offers to its customers without having to hire more staff. PurpleClay’s director Gary Loh explains, “Our partnership with iWV eliminates the need to employ our own network engineers.”

The data backup process is controlled through an administrative panel, which is a piece of software that allows for complete control over the entire system, enabling iWV to manage the entire process remotely, even for data stored on-site. The panel can be accessed by anyone with permission to perform backups and maintenance at the push of a button.

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