05 Aug

RingCentral and Google Have Teamed up to Offer Cloud Communications

Flexibility and efficiency are the watchwords of the new economy. Both require an unprecedented focus on communication and productivity from organizations competing in a global, distributed economy. Today’s workforce needs to be able to work from anywhere, at any time and on any devices. Those are just a few of the reasons why RingCentral, a cloud communications provider for businesses, has teamed up with Google to develop a communications product that leverages the power of the cloud.


The Beginning of a Successful Partnership

From its headquarters in Belmont, California, RingCentral has grown into a global force for collaborative, cloud-based communications and was recently named to Forbes’ list of The 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in America for 2016. RingCentral’s solutions are used by over 350,000 companies, including world leaders like BMW, Subway, Evernote and Twitter. The company began working closely with Google in February 2015, which resulted in a plug-in from the Google Apps Marketplace that has been downloaded and installed over 200,000 times. 

The value of full-scale Google integration became increasingly clear after the plug-in was made available. Bret Knobelauch, the senior director and global head of sales of ProsperWorks, states: “RingCentral for Google has been life changing for our sales team” because they spend a lot of time on sales calls. He explains that with this tool ProsperWorks has access to its communications history, so its employees can make and receive calls by using Gmail and ProsperWorks CRM. He finishes by saying RingCentral Office Google Edition has made the company “more productive than ever.”


RingCentral Office Google Edition

The new offering is called RingCentral Office Google Edition and it promises to deliver a seamless experience for workers who are tired of having to switch between applications and work environments to get their work done. RingCentral’s CEO and founder Vlad Shmunis explains that its program gives enterprises a reliable, secure and high-quality communications solution. He says that RingCentral and Google look forward to helping companies make the most out of their cloud investments with an “unprecedented, integrated communications and productivity solution.”

RingCentral Office Google Edition offers a new tier of RingCentral that uses WebRTC (Web Real Time Communications), which is composed of browser-to-browser applications for voice calling, video calling and P2P file sharing. WebRTC does not need to use internal or external plugins, however. This product delivers the power of RingCentral and integrates it with Google products such as Hangouts, Gmail, Drive, Chrome and Android all in one place. 

The ability to make enterprise-level calls from inside the Google suite of products delivers a holistic, cloud-based work experience that will increase productivity and efficiency. It goes to show that enterprises have not and will not stop relying on personal voice communication with their customers and their workforce.

The initial offering is for the U.S. market at $30 per month, followed by the U.K. and Canada. Existing Google users can pay a monthly fee of $20 to add this RingCentral tier and log in to RingCentral using a single login.

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