25 Aug

Sage Empowers Accounting Professionals With Office 365 Integration

During the Sage Summit 2016, Sage announced an extended partnership with Microsoft. Sage 50 will integrate with Microsoft Office 365 and become a reseller under the Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) program. The new product is part of Sage’s cloud-based accounting management solutions that help accountants increase their productivity and communication. The partnership kicks off in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Ireland this winter and will reach Sage 50’s other countries throughout 2017. Here’s a closer look at how the partnership will empower accounting professionals.


Increase Productivity

Sage’s collaboration tools like Sage Live for accountants were designed to serve as real-time sources of information. Sage also creates professional estimates, sends invoices and taxes info to accountants come tax time. With the addition of Office 365, Office Graph will help analyze the tools businesses use and then deliver insights with Delve Analytics to help accounting pros maximize their productivity and eliminate time-consuming tasks. These tools help accounting professionals see exactly where to cut low-value data entry and automate tasks and transactions.


Improve Communication

Instead of switching between Office 365 and Sage One to run their business, accounting professionals can use the new bundled service to share contacts and schedules quickly. Office 365’s features can also be used for web-conferencing, instant messaging and collaborating with members who are in-office or working remotely. Businesses can share files and work on documents in real time to reduce meetings and speed up their workflow.


Get Faster Access

Sage 50 and Office 365 enable businesses to track their performance and history and tap into vendor records and transactions. Access to interactive Microsoft Excel data helps remote workers and those in the field make decisions on the go. They can take photos and automatically upload receipts and expense reports in the cloud. This way they can access them whenever they need them or send them back to the office for processing.

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